What is Mesotherapy?

An Innovative Therapy Taking the Aesthetics Industry by Storm

Mesotherapy is a well-known and accepted therapeutic process, invented in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor (France). It is a treatment that stimulates the mesoderm, or middle layer of the skin. It is done with homeopathic agents containing nucleoproteins, oligo-elements and vitamins. In mesotherapeutic procedures, the medication is administered subcutaneously with special disposable micro needles. Micro-drops of the natural substance are slowly absorbed into the blood flow; the results usually become visible after the first treatment. Other treatments include a lifting mask, oxy-therapy, and colour therapy which help to smooth out wrinkles and reduce a double chin. Flaccid skin, acne scars and fatty deposits also respond to this treatment.

Also, Formula Life is currently offering needless-mesotherapy for those sensitive to micro-needles. In this procedure 99.8% pure oxygen is infused into the skin, such that 100% of the homeopathic medication is absorbed.

Mesotherapy, as an alternative medicinal therapy, requires quite rigorous procedures and is applied in the safest conditions. It can only be practiced by a qualified and experienced medically trained professional, with additional training in Mesotherapy. This therapeutic process is now practiced in many countries of the world, including Canada.